Schemes » AICRP on Vegetable Crops

Name of Scheme AICRP on Vegetable Crops
Name of Incharge with Contact No. & Email Dr. V.S. Yadav - Assoc. Prof. (Vegetable Breeder)

Phone: 0141-2721194 (Telefax)
Mobile: 9414459339
Date of start of scheme 1970
Major Objectives 1. To develop high yielding, good quality and disease resistant varieties of important vegetable crops.
2. Testing and evaluation of different entries of various vegetable crops as per technical programme of the project.
3. Survey, collection maintenance and evaluation of water melon and muskmelon germplasm.
4. To develop advance production and protection technologies for different vegetable crops including seed production.
Major Achievements 1. Developed Muskmelon varieties:RM- 43, MHY-3,MHY-5,RM-50.
2. Developed Watermelon varieties: Durgapura Keser, Durgapura Meetha, Durgapura Lal.
3. Get registered two genotypes of watermelon first time in country i.e. RW 177-3 (INGR1038) & RW 187-2 (INGR1037) at NBPGR, New Delhi.
4. Recommended 18 production technology.
5. Introduced and popularized new vegetable crops i.e. Broccoli, Chinese cabbage etc. in the zone/state.
Staff Strength Teaching: 3 Scientist
Non Teaching: 1 STA & 3 Agri. Supervisor
Muskmelon: Varieties Developed-5

Watermelon: Varieties Developed-3
Durgapura Madhu, known for its sweetness and fragrance has been a very popular variety with high public demand. Other varieties developed with high total soluble sugar and moderate resistance to root rot, powdery mildew and virus, are RM 50, MHY 3, MHY5, etc.

The variety 'Durgapura Kesar' (RW 187-2) with saffron coloured flesh has been a unique development from this station. The other achievements are varieties with dark red flesh having high sweetness like 'Durgapura Lal' (RW 177-3).

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