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The State of Rajasthan has 10 agro-climatic zones as per the concept of National Agricultural Research Project (NARP) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). RARI, Durgapura, Jaipur is serving in the Semi-Arid Eastern Plain Zone-IIIa comprising four districts viz., Jaipur, Ajmer, Dausa and Tonk. The geographical area of the zone is approximately 2.97 million hectare, which represents 8.67% of the total area of Rajasthan. The zone is further divided into 7 micro-farming situations. About 28 per cent land area of the zone has problematic soils due to salinity and sodicity. On an average the zone receives 500-600 mm rainfall, mainly during rainy season.


ICRISAT-Hyderabad, CIMMYT-Mexico, ICARDA-Syria, & ACIAR-Australia

BARC-Trombay, NBPGR & IARI New Delhi, State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), National Research Centers (NRCs), Central Institutes of Agricultural Research of ICAR, DST-Jaipur. The research is being conducted through All India Coordinated Research Projects (AICRPs) on almost all the important crops of Zone IIIa Research is also financed by Government of Rajasthan through non-plan component.

The AICRPs running at this institute are -

 AICRP on Wheat & Barley Improvement  AICRP on Breeder Seed Production
 AICRP on MULLaRP Crops (Mung, Urd, Lentil, Lathyrus, Rajmash, Pea)  AICRP on Integrated Farming Systems Research
 AICRP on Chickpea  AICRP on Post Harvest Technology
 AICRP on Pearl millet  AINP on Pesticide Residues
 AICRP on Arid legumes  AINP on Whitegrubs and Other Soil Arthropods
 AICRP on Groundnut  AINRP on Onion & Garlic
 AICRP on Vegetable  Integrated Agromet Advisory services
 AICRP on Seed Technology Research  

Besides this a large number of adhoc projects funded by different agencies are also running to redress various agricultural constraints and ensure crop production in the State.

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