Milestones in Research


Triple dwarf wheat- Lal Bahadur
First salinity tolerant wheat- Kharchia 65
First dwarf barley mutant in world - RDB 1
First salinity tolerant barley- Bilara 2
First nematode resistant barley - Rajkiran


A wonder wheat - Raj 3077
Heat tolerant wheat- Raj 3765
India's first CCN resistant wheat- Raj Molya Rodhak 1
First Ug 99 (Stem rust race) resistant wheat- Raj 4120
A unique barley- RD 2552
First two-rowed malt barley- RD 2668
India's first dual purpose barley- RD 2715
First rainfed double podded chickpea- RSG 888
First rainfed as well as irrigated chickpea- RSG 931
First late sown chickpea- RSG 963
First drought tolerant chickpea- RSG 973
First Kabuli chickpea in the state- RSGK 6
High yielding, dual purpose, disease resistant bajra hybrid- RHB 173
Unbranched early maturing clusterbean- RGC 1066
First white seeded cowpea- RC 101
Green fleshed, sweet with pleasant fragrance muskmelon- Durgapura madhu
Saffron fleshed water melon- Durgapura kesar
First copper-red, mild pungent onion of the state- RO 1


Advance planting of groundnut
Management of problematic soils through application of gypsum
Methodology of preparing good quality enriched vermicompost
Pheromone technology for control of whitegrubs
Varietal characterization through DNA finger printing